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Hello everyone,,
once again have a question to the experts.
On a direct flight Madrid - Buenos Aires we had to stop over because of lack of fuel. That's not unusual.
However, what I found unusual was the place of the stopover.
After a go-around in Iguazu we landed in Resistencia a very small airfield (just enough space to park a B747). Apparently nobody was prepared to handle a 747.
I thought Sao Paulo was the place to refuel on this track.
Is it determined during a flight an airfield where you land in case that the fuel is not enough ?

Greeting 3/4

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Sounds like Iguazu was one of the Alternate Airports on the way down to EZE.
SAO is actually too far away to make a fuelstop. One would fly as far as possible towards the destination and make then a decision for a fuelstop if needed (depends on various factors). If you plan a fuelstop before leaving, though, that would be a diffrent story for crew duty times etc.

So a fuelstop in Iguazu was planned while enroute, but you could not land there for reasons unknown. Then the next suitable airport will be chosen, depending on weather, fuel reserves and other. If you finally landed at an airport that could not handle a B744 then things went really south on your flight.
Hope that helps.

Just out of curiosity, how long was your stopover and when was it? A B747 out of MAD seems some time ago.

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