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Beitrag vom 04.06.2023 - 18:12 Uhr
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Ich bin sehr verwundert über Ihnen in Deutschland….

In the Netherlands everyone has a say when it comes to football. Everyone knows more than our Bonds Coach...
In Germany, everyone knows a runway better than the people who have to work with it every day. It was a great decision by Fraport to choose the safest variant of an RWY design with Antiskid. This high-grip surface gives us pilots (I've been retired for a few years) a lot of safety, especially with heavy rain fall and crosswinds.
It goes without saying that such a RWY, especially at the beginning, absorbs more rubber than a smooth surface without grip. Is there anybody wondering about it???
We pilots know how to deal with it. Only we need to know that, too. I was shown the Notam by a former colleague (he had no problems with his tyres-he knows Antiskid). It was not clear here that the pilots had to land in a way that was easy for the tyres. And we can do it, if we know it !
If the pilots are aware of this, they will be happy to be able to land safely in Frankfurt, regardless of the conditions.
So thank you to Fraport for the best solution for a runway - from a pilot’s front of view😌

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